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We offer Germany B2B database that can help you expand your company. Our B2B database is up to date and constantly checked for accuracy. We offer these lists at prices that will certainly fit your budget. Be sure to order now so that you can get started expanding your company right away.


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: Germany Business Database

: Germany

: MS Excel


Company Name 1, Company Name 2, Company Name 3, Street, Postal Code, City, Postfach, PLZ_Postfach, Anrede, Titel, Phone Number, FAX, First Name, Last Name, Function, Abteilungszusatz, Anredezeile, Vorwahl, E-Mail Address, Website, Bundesland, Regierungsbezirk, Kreis, Beschaeftigtenklasse, Branchencode1.

: 985048 Records

: $450 USD


Information Quantity-The accurate quantity without duplicate Company Name and Address.

Latest Update-The time of create this product at our site.


(1)Quantity: The quantity is estimated that maybe has small errors, please understand.

(2)Duplicates: There may be some duplicate records in the column lists(eg. Email,Tel/Fax,Address).

(3)Accuracy rate: We update all our database frequently, but we don't give any guarantee for the data accuracy or delivery rate.


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