Industry Database

Abortion Alternatives Organiza

Abortion Information & Service

Abrasive Prod Mfg

Abrasive Product Manufacturing

Abrasive Products

Abrasive Products





Ac, Refrigeration, & Forced Air Heating

Access Panels


Accident & Health Ins

Accident and Health Insurance

Accident Reconstruction Servic




Accountants Referral Service


Accounting & Bookkeeping Gener

Accounting & Bookkeeping Syste

Accounting, Auditing, and Book

Accounting, Auditing, and Bookkeeping

Accounting/Bookkeeping Mach/Su


Acoustical Consultants

Acoustical Contractors

Acoustical Materials

Acoustical Materials-Manufactu

Acoustical Materials-Wholesale




Acupuncture Schools

Addressing Machines & Supplies

Addressing Plate Service

Adhesive Manufacturing

Adhesive Mfg

Adhesives & Glues

Adhesives & Glues-Manufacturer

Adhesives & Gluing Equipment-M

Adhesives & Sealants

Adhesives and Sealants


Adjustment and Collection Serv

Adjustment and Collection Services

Administration of Air and Water Resource and Solid Waste Man

Administration of Conservation Programs

Administration of Education Programs

Administration of Educational Programs

Administration of General Econ

Administration of General Economic Programs

Administration of Housing Prog

Administration of Housing Programs

Administration of Human Resource Programs

Administration of Public Healt

Administration of Public Health Programs

Administration of Social and Manpower Programs

Administration of Social, Huma

Administration of Urban Planning and Community and Rural Dev

Administration of Veterans' Affairs

Administrative Management and General Management Consulting

Administrative Management Consulting Svcs

Adobe Blocks & Shapes

Adoption Agencies

Adult Care Facilities

Adult Congregate Living Facili


Advertising Agencies

Advertising Material Distribution Svcs

Advertising Nec

Advertising, NEC

Advertising, NEC


Advertising-Agencies & Counsel

Advertising-Art Layout & Produ

Advertising-Checking Service



Advertising-Direct Mail

Advertising-Directory & Guide




Advertising-Motion Picture




Advertising-Personnel Recruitm

Advertising-Point Of Purchase



Advertising-Shoppers' Guides

Advertising-Soundtrack & Jingl




Advertising-Transit & Transpor

Advertising-Traveling Signboar

Advertising-Video Production S

Aerial Applicators

Aeronautical Supplies


Aerospace Industries

Aerospace Support Services-Tec

African Goods-Retail

Agents & Managers For Public Figures

Agricultural Chemicals

Agricultural Chemicals, NEC

Agricultural Consultants

Agricultural Implements & Supp

Agricultural Market & Commodity Regulation

Agricultural Marketing

Agricultural Products

Agricultural Research

Aids Information & Testing

Air & Gas Compressor Mfg

Air & Gas Compressors

Air Ambulance Service

Air and Gas Compressor Manufacturing

Air and Gas Compressors

Air and Water Resource and Sol

Air Balancing

Air Cargo Service

Air Cleaning & Purifying Equip

Air Conditioning & Heating-Ser

Air Conditioning Contractors &

Air Conditioning Equipment-Man

Air Conditioning Equipment-Rep

Air Conditioning Equipment-Roo

Air Conditioning Equip-Room Un

Air Conditioning Room Units-De

Air Conditioning Room Units-Mf

Air Conditioning Room Units-Re

Air Conditioning Supplies & Pa

Air Conditioning Systems-Clean

Air Conditioning/Htg/Refrig Eq

Air Courier Services

Air Curtains & Screens

Air Curtains & Screens-Manufac

Air Fragrances

Air Make-Up Heaters

Air Pollution Control

Air Pollution Measuring Equip

Air Pollution Measuring Servic

Air Purification & Filtration

Air Purification Equip Mfg

Air Quality Measuring Equipmen

Air Traffic Control

Air Transportation

Air Transportation, Nonschedul

Air Transportation, Nonscheduled

Air Transportation, Scheduled

Air, Water, & Waste Program Administration

Air, Water, and Solid Waste Management

Air-Conditioning and Warm Air

Air-Conditioning and Warm Air Heating Equipment and Commerci



Aircraft Avionics-Sales & Serv

Aircraft Brokers

Aircraft Charter Rental & Leas

Aircraft Components-Manufactur

Aircraft Engine & Engine Parts Mfg

Aircraft Engine and Engine Parts Manufacturing

Aircraft Engines

Aircraft Engines & Engine Part

Aircraft Engines and Engine Pa

Aircraft Engines and Engine Parts

Aircraft Engines-Manufacturers

Aircraft Engines-Servicing & M

Aircraft Equipment Parts & Sup

Aircraft Ferrying & Transporti

Aircraft Flight Training Equip

Aircraft Fueling Services & Ai

Aircraft Ground Support & Serv

Aircraft Hangars-Rental & Sale

Aircraft Industrial Fasteners

Aircraft Instruments

Aircraft Interior Redesigning

Aircraft Management Services

Aircraft Manufacturing

Aircraft Mfg

Aircraft Modifications

Aircraft Oxygen Systems

Aircraft Parts and Auxiliary E

Aircraft Parts and Equipment, NEC

Aircraft Parts-Assemblers

Aircraft Radio Servicing

Aircraft Rebuilding

Aircraft Refinishing & Paintin

Aircraft Research & Developmen

Aircraft Schools

Aircraft Servicing & Maintenan

Aircraft Storage

Aircraft Support Services

Aircraft Upholsterers

Aircraft/Aircraft Equip Testin



Airline Companies

Airline Support Services

Airline Ticket Agencies

Airline Training Schools

Airport Equipment & Supplies

Airport Parking Service

Airport Transportation Service


Airports, Flying Fields, and A

Airports, Flying Fields, and Services



Alcohol Breath Detectors

Alcohol Permit Consultants

Alcoholism Information & Treat

Alexander Technique

Alkalies & Chlorine Mfg

Alkalies and Chlorine

Alkalies and Chlorine Manufacturing

All Other Accessory & Apparel Mfg

All Other Amusement & Recreation Industries

All Other Amusement and Recreation Industries

All Other Animal Production

All Other Automotive Repair & Maintenance

All Other Automotive Repair and Maintenance

All Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Manufacturing

All Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Mfg

All Other Basic Organic Chemical Manufacturing

All Other Basic Organic Chemical Mfg

All Other Business Support Svcs

All Other Consumer Goods Rental

All Other Converted Paper Prod Mfg

All Other Converted Paper Product Manufacturing

All Other Cut & Sew Apparel Mfg

All Other Durable Goods Merchant Whols

All Other General Merchandise Stores

All Other Grain Farming

All Other Ground Passenger Transportation

All Other Health & Personal Care Stores

All Other Home Furnishings Stores

All Other Industrial Machinery Mfg

All Other Information Svcs

All Other Insurance Related Activities

All Other Leather Good and Allied Product Manufacturing

All Other Leather Good Mfg

All Other Legal Svcs

All Other Metal Ore Mining

All Other Misc Food Mfg

All Other Misc Mfg

All Other Misc Textile Prod Mills

All Other Miscellaneous Ambulatory Health Care Services

All Other Miscellaneous Chemical Product and Preparation Man

All Other Miscellaneous Crop Farming

All Other Miscellaneous Electrical Equipment and Component M

All Other Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturi

All Other Miscellaneous Food Manufacturing

All Other Miscellaneous General Purpose Machinery Manufactur

All Other Miscellaneous Nonmetallic Mineral Product Manufact

All Other Miscellaneous Store Retailers

All Other Miscellaneous Textile Product Mills

All Other Miscellaneous Wood Product Manufacturing

All Other Motor Vehicle Dealers

All Other Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing

All Other Motor Vehicle Parts Mfg

All Other Nondepository Credit Intermediation

All Other Nonmetallic Mineral Mining

All Other Outpatient Care Centers

All Other Personal Services

All Other Personal Svcs

All Other Petroleum & Coal Prods Mfg

All Other Pipeline Transportation

All Other Plastics Prod Mfg

All Other Plastics Product Manufacturing

All Other Professional & Technical Svcs

All Other Publishers

All Other Rubber Prod Mfg

All Other Rubber Product Manufacturing

All Other Specialty Food Stores

All Other Specialty Trade Contractors

All Other Specialty Trade Contrs

All Other Support Activities for Transportation

All Other Support Activities-Transportation

All Other Support Svcs

All Other Telecommunications

All Other Transit and Ground Passenger Transportation

All Other Transportation Equip Mfg

All Other Transportation Equipment Manufacturing

All Other Travel Arrangement and Reservation Services

All Other Travel Arrangement Svcs

All Other Traveler Accommodation

All Terrain Vehicles

Allergy Physicians

Allergy Resistant Products



Alternative Medicine

Alternators & Generators-Autom

Alternators & Starters-Marine


Aluminum Die Castings

Aluminum Die-Casting Foundries

Aluminum Die-castings

Aluminum Extruded Prod Mfg

Aluminum Extruded Product Manufacturing

Aluminum Extruded Products

Aluminum Extruded Products

Aluminum Fabricators

Aluminum Foundries

Aluminum Foundries

Aluminum Foundries, Except Die-Casting

Aluminum Rolling & Drawing Nec

Aluminum Rolling and Drawing

Aluminum Rolling and Drawing,

Aluminum Rolling and Drawing, NEC

Aluminum Sheet Plate & Foil

Aluminum Sheet, Plate, & Foil Mfg

Aluminum Sheet, Plate, and Foi

Aluminum Sheet, Plate, and Foil

Aluminum Sheet, Plate, and Foil Manufacturing


Alzheimers Education/Referral/

Ambulance Service

Ambulance Svcs

Ambulances & Hearses

Ambulances & Hearses Equip/Sup

Ambulances & Hearses-Manufactu

Ambulette Service




Ammunition Reloading Equip & S

Ammunition Reloading Equipment

Ammunition, Except for Small A

Ammunition, Except For Small Arms, NEC

Ammunition, Except Small Arms, Mfg

Ammunition-Except For Small Ar



Amusement & Recreation Nec

Asphalt Paving Mixtures and Blocks

Amusement Devices-Wholesale

Amusement Park Rides Equipment

Amusement & Theme Parks

Amusement and Recreation Servi

Amusement and Recreation, NEC

Amusement and Theme Parks

Amusement Arcades

Amusement Devices

Amusement/recreation Services

Analytical Instruments

Analytical Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing

Analytical Laboratory Instrument Mfg

Analyzers-Industrial Control-M


Ancsa Native Corporations




Animal & Marine Fats & Oils

Animal Adoptions

Animal and Marine Fats and Oils

Animal Aquaculture

Animal Breeders

Animal Brokers & Dealers-Zoo C

Animal Carcass Removal

Animal Health Products

Animal Health Products-Manufac

Animal Hospitals

Animal Plant Dna Testing

Animal Protection Organization

Animal Registration & Identifi

Animal Rescue Relocation & Tra

Animal Services

Animal Shelters

Animal Shows & Organizations

Animal Specialties Nec

Animal Specialties, NEC

Animal Specialty Services

Animal, Except Poultry, Slaughtering

Animals-Laboratory Use

Animals-Pest Trappers

Animated Film Services

Animation Mechanisms-Display S




Answering Machines-Automatic




Anthracite Mining

Anti-Freeze Compounds-Manufact


Antiques-Repairing & Restoring


Antiques-Restoration Supplies


Apartment Building Operators

Apartment Rental Agencies



Apparel & Accessories Nec

Apparel & Garments-Retail

Apparel and Accessories

Apparel and Accessories, NEC

Apparel and Accessories, NEC

Apparel Belts

Apparel Belts

Apparel Design & Mfg



Appetizers & Snacks Etc

Apple Orchards

Appliance Repair & Maintenance

Appliance Repair and Maintenance














Apprenticeship Training

Apprenticeship Training Progra



Aquaculture Consultants

Aquariums & Aquarium Supls

Aquariums & Aquarium Supls-Lea

Aquariums & Aquarium Supls-Mfr

Aquariums & Aquarium Supls-Who


Arbitration Services

Arboreta and Botanical or Zool





Archery Equipment & Supplies

Archery Equipment & Supplies-M

Archery Equipment & Supplies-W

Archery Instruction

Archery Ranges


Architects & Builders Service

Architects Supplies

Architects Supplies-Manufactur

Architectural & Constr Specifi

Architectural and Ornamental M

Architectural Consultants

Architectural Designers

Architectural Illustrators

Architectural Metalwork

Architectural Models

Architectural Services

Architectural Svcs

Architectural/Ornamental Mtl W


Armature Rewinding Shops

Armature Rewinding Shops


Armatures-Repairing & Rewindin

Armored Car Service

Armored Car Services

Armored Car Svcs

Armored Car-Manufacturers

Army & Navy Goods

Army & Navy Goods-Manufacturer

Army & Navy Goods-Wholesale


Arrangement of Passenger Trans

Arrangement of Transportation


Art Casting

Art Centers

Art Dealers

Art Dealers-Wholesale

Art Galleries & Dealers

Art Goods-Manufacturers

Art Goods-Wholesale

Art Instruction & Schools

Art Metal Work

Art Publishers

Art Restoring

Artificial Breasts

Artificial Eyes-Human

Artificial Flowers & Plants &

Artificial Flowers/Plants-Mfrs

Artificial Flowers-Wholesale

Artificial Grass

Artificial Larynxes

Artificial Limbs

Artificial Limbs-Manufacturers

Artists Agents

Artists Caricatures

Artists Materials & Supplies

Artists Materials-Manufacturer


Artists-Fine Arts

Arts & Crafts-Wholesale

Arts Organizations & Informati

Asbestos & Asbestos Free Prods

Asbestos & Asbestos Products

Asbestos Products

Asbestos Removal Service

Asbestos Removal Supplies & Eq

Asbestos Training Service

Asbestos-Consulting & Testing

Asphalt & Asphalt Products

Asphalt & Asphalt Products-Man

Asphalt Felts & Coatings

Asphalt Felts and Coatings

Asphalt Mixing Equipment

Asphalt Paving Contractors

Asphalt Paving Mixture & Block Mfg

Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing

Asphalt Paving Mixtures and Bl

Amusement Parks

Amusement Places

Asphalt Shingle & Coating Materials Mfg

Asphalt Shingle and Coating Materials Manufacturing

Assayers & Assaying Service

Assembly & Fabricating Service

Asset Management

Asset Protection Consultants

Association Management



Athletic Organizations

Attorney Referral Service

Attorney-Bar Associations


Attorneys Service Bureaus


Audio & Video Equip Mfg

Audio & Video Media Reproduction

Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing



Audiometric Testing

Audio-Visual Consultants

Audio-Visual Creative Services

Audio-Visual Equipment & Supls

Audio-Visual Equipment-Dealers

Audio-Visual Equipment-Renting

Audio-Visual Equipment-Repairi

Audio-Visual Production Servic



Auto and Home Supply Stores

Auto and Home Supply Stores

Auto Exhaust System Repair Shops

Auto Seatcovers Etc-Material/E

Autograph Dealers

Automated Teller Machines

Automatic Cntrls-Residential/C

Automatic Controls for Regulat

Automatic Environmental Control Manufacturing for Residentia

Automatic Environmental Control Mfg

Automatic Merchandise Machine

Automatic Vending Machine Manufacturing

Automatic Vending Machine Mfg

Automatic Vending Machines

Automation Consultants

Automation Systems & Equipment

Automation Technology Services

Automobile & Truck Brokers

Automobile Accessories

Automobile Air Conditioning Eq

Automobile Alarms

Automobile and Other Motor Vehicle Merchant Wholesalers

Automobile Appraisers

Automobile Auctions

Automobile Body Shop Equip/Sup

Automobile Body Shop Equipment

Automobile Body-Manufacturers

Automobile Body-Repairing & Pa

Automobile Bumpers Guards & Gr

Automobile Clubs

Automobile Clutch Rebuilding

Automobile Customizing

Automobile Dealers Performance

Automobile Dealers-Electric Ca

Automobile Dealers-New Cars

Automobile Dealers-Used Cars

Automobile Dealers-Used Cars-W

Automobile Detail & Clean-Up S

Automobile Diagnostic Equipmen

Automobile Diagnostic Service

Automobile Dismantling/Recycli

Automobile Dlrs-Custom Designe

Automobile Driving Schools

Automobile Electric Equipment

Automobile Electric Equipment-

Automobile Electric Service

Automobile Emission Testing

Automobile Floor Coverings

Automobile Floor Coverings-Man

Automobile Frame Straightening

Automobile Glass-Service & Ins

Automobile Hand & Foot Control

Automobile Hub Caps

Automobile Inspection Stations

Automobile Leasing

Automobile Lock-Out Svc

Automobile Lubrication Service

Automobile Machine Shop Servic

Automobile Manufacturing

Automobile Mfg

Automobile Motor Rebuilding

Automobile Motors

Automobile Paint

Automobile Parking

Automobile Parts & Supls-Antiq

Automobile Parts & Supplies-Mf

Automobile Parts & Supplies-Re

Automobile Parts & Supplies-Wh

Automobile Parts-Used & Rebuil

Automobile Parts-Warehouses

Automobile Pin Striping

Automobile Racing Car Equipmen

Automobile Racing/Sports Car E

Automobile Radiator Repairing

Automobile Radiator-Manufactur

Automobile Radio & Stereo Syst

Automobile Remote Starters

Automobile Renting

Automobile Repair Manuals

Automobile Repair/Svc-Equip &

Automobile Repair/Svc-Equip/Su

Automobile Repairing & Service

Automobile Restoration-Antique

Automobile Seatcovers Tops & U

Automobile Seatcovers-Manufact

Automobile Seatcovers-Wholesal

Automobile Smog Brake/Lamp-Ins

Automobile Smog Control Device

Automobile Stereo Equip & Acce

Automobile Storage

Automobile Sunroofs

Automobile Suspensions

Automobile Transporters & Driv

Automobile Undercoating & Rust

Automobile Uphlstry/Top Mtrl/E

Automobile Upholstery Cleaning

Automobile Warranty Processing

Automobile Wheel-Manufacturers

Automobile Wreckers-Manufactur

Automobile Wrecking

Automobile-Antique & Classic



Automobile-Manufacturers Equip

Automobile-Mfrs Equip & Supls

Automobile-Purchasing Consulta


Automobiles and Other Motor Ve

Automobiles and Other Motor Vehicles

Automobile-Striping Service

Automotive and Apparel Trimmings

Automotive Body & Interior Repair

Automotive Body, Paint, and Interior Repair and Maintenance

Automotive Consultants

Automotive Dealers

Automotive Dealers Nec

Automotive Dealers, NEC

Automotive Exhaust System Repa

Automotive Exhaust System Repair

Automotive Foreign Manuals

Automotive Glass Replacement Shops

Automotive Information Service

Automotive Oil Change & Lubrication Shops

Automotive Parts & Accessories Stores

Automotive Parts and Accessories Stores

Automotive Repair Shops, NEC

Automotive Repair Shops, NEC

Automotive Services, Except Re

Automotive Services, NEC

Automotive Stampings

Automotive Stampings

Automotive Transmission Repair

Automotive Transmission Repair Shops

Automotive Trimming/Apprl Find

Automotive Trimmings

Automotive Trimmings, Apparel

Aviation Consultants

Aviation Fuel

Awnings & Canopies

Awnings & Canopies-Cleaning

Awnings & Canopies-Manufacture